WebP to ICO Converter

Have you found a square image online that would be perfect as an icon? Use our WebP-to-ICO converter to turn your square WebP into an icon or favicon!

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ICO Images

ICO is a file format that is used to store icon images. These are small images that are used to represent an application, file, or folder on a computer or mobile device. ICO files are similar to other image file formats such as JPEG or PNG, but they are specifically designed to store icon images. ICO files can store multiple images of different sizes and color depths in the same file, this allows the icon to be displayed in a variety of sizes and resolutions without losing quality. This format also supports transparency, which makes it suitable to use on different backgrounds. ICO files are widely used on Windows operating systems to represent shortcuts and files and also used in websites as a favicon.ico file which is displayed on the browser tabs and bookmarks.

WebP to ICO Conversion

Changing your Windows icons can be a lot of fun, as can changing your website’s favicon. You can scour the web for all sorts of great icons out there, but what if you find a square image that looks great but isn’t in the proper format? We can help you solve this problem by converting WebP to ICO for free! If you have a WebP image that’s already square — meaning it has the same number of pixels vertically and horizontally — we can turn that into an ICO-formatted icon, which will work perfectly with Windows or as a favicon for a website. Just upload one or more square WebP images and then download your new icons a few seconds later! This service is totally free and doesn’t watermark your images. There are also no timers or quantity limits, so feel free to use the service as much as needed!