JPG to WebP Converter

Need a smaller file type for your image? Convert JPG to WebP with our free, web-based conversion tool! It’s easy to use and won’t watermark any of your images.

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JPG Images

Files ending in .jpg or .jpeg are image files. JPG or JPEG files are raster images, which means they are made up of a grid of colored pixels. JPGs are automatically compressed when created, making them a lossy image format. Because of their high-quality compression and ease of use, JPGs are now the most common image standard in the world. They are ideal for sharing on the web, use in web publishing, and storage. JPGs can be opened natively within every major operating system and are supported in almost all image-based software.

JPG to WebP Conversion

The JPG format is the most popular image file type in the world. However, JPGs aren’t as good as some other formats when it comes to preserving image quality and creating small file sizes. If your image is only going to be used on the web, the best format for it is WebP. If you have some JPGs, you can use our simple JPG-to-WebP converter to lower their file sizes while preserving the image quality. All you need to do is upload one or more JPGs and then sit back and relax while our server automatically converts them to WebP images. There won’t be any watermarks on your outputted images, and there are no quantity limits or timers to the number of times you can use the converter. And don’t worry: we don’t ask for your email or any other personal information!