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Get your GIF video ready for posting on a website by converting it using our GIF-to-WebP tool! This service is totally free and easy enough for anyone to use.

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GIF Images

GIF is a type of image file format that is used for creating and displaying animated images and simple graphics. They are designed to support up to 8 bits per pixel for each image, allowing for a palette of up to 256 colors. One unique feature of GIF is that it supports animation, which means it can contain multiple images or frames in a single file, and these frames are played in a sequence to create an animation. The animation can be set to loop continuously or play only once. This feature makes GIFs popular for creating short, looping animations and animated stickers that can be used in social media, messaging apps and other platforms.

GIF to WebP Conversion

When it comes to creating a website, page loading speeds are paramount. Above all else, you want your pages to load as quickly as possible. But how can you do this and prevent your video files from looking bad? WebP is the ideal format for both videos and short animation clips on websites, so we highly recommend converting GIF to WebP before placing any of them on your page. WebP files are usually smaller than GIFs with little to no reduction in quality, so your pages will load quickly and look great. Using our browser-based tool, you can perform as many WebP conversions as you like without cost. We never watermark anything, and we’ll never ask you for any personally identifiable information — not even your email. You can begin by uploading one or more GIFs and watching how quickly we turn them into high-quality WebP versions!