WebP to BMP Converter

Make it much easier to edit your images by converting WebP to BMP! Converting to BMP guarantees your images will work great in pretty much any image editor.

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BMP Images

Files ending in .bmp are bitmap images. These are raster-based images, meaning they are made up of a grid of colored or monochrome pixels. BMP images are very similar to JPG (or JPEG) images in this way. However, BMP files are generally preferred for preserving large amounts of pixel data in an uncompressed format, while JPGs are compressed automatically. This usually makes BMPs files larger than similar-quality JPGs. BMP files can still be compressed if needed, however. Bitmap images are in a well-documented open format, making them popular for programs and operating systems.

WebP to BMP Conversion

If you’re using an older version of Adobe Photoshop, editing a WebP image is basically impossible. This could be a huge roadblock for you, especially if you don’t know the true source of the image you’re trying to edit. Thankfully, there’s an easy way around this problem: converting WebP to BMP! By performing this conversion, you can edit an image in Photoshop or pretty much any other piece of editing software. To get started with this process, simply upload one or more WebPs using our free web-based tool. Our server will convert those WebPs to bitmap images with no added watermarks. You can then download the images and edit them to your heart’s content! This tool is 100% free and has no limits on the number of conversions you can do, and we’ll never ask for any personally identifiable information.