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MP4 Videos

MP4 is a digital multimedia container format that is used for storing video and audio files, as well as subtitles and still images. It is a widely used format for videos on the internet, as well as for digital cameras, mobile devices, and other portable media players. MP4 files use a combination of lossy and lossless compression to store video and audio data in an efficient manner. The video data is typically stored using the H.264 or H.265 codec, which is known for its high compression efficiency and good video quality. Audio data is usually stored using the AAC codec, which provides good audio quality at a lower bit rate.

MP4 to WebP Conversion

The MP4 format is perfect for sharing high-quality videos. However, the MP4 algorithm isn’t as good as it could be when it comes to preserving video quality and keeping the file size low. If your video is going on a website, this could negatively affect your page load speeds. To avoid this problem, convert MP4 to WebP before placing your videos on your site! This will keep the file size small, the page load time fast, and the video quality essentially the same. Our totally free conversion tool can handle turning your MP4s in the WebP video clips in just a matter of seconds. Just upload one or more MP4 clips and watch as our server quickly converts them without any watermarks or software downloads. Feel free to use this free service as much as you like because there are no limits or timers involved.