WebP to GIF Converter

If you found a great animated video clip online and want to upload it somewhere, you might need to convert WebP to GIF first. We can handle that for free!

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GIF Images

GIF is a type of image file format that is used for creating and displaying animated images and simple graphics. They are designed to support up to 8 bits per pixel for each image, allowing for a palette of up to 256 colors. One unique feature of GIF is that it supports animation, which means it can contain multiple images or frames in a single file, and these frames are played in a sequence to create an animation. The animation can be set to loop continuously or play only once. This feature makes GIFs popular for creating short, looping animations and animated stickers that can be used in social media, messaging apps and other platforms.

WebP to GIF Conversion

All of us have seen a terrific animated video clip online. If you downloaded that clip, you might be surprised to find that it’s not a GIF but a file type known as WebP. This file type is just as good as GIF (if not better), but it does have a big limitation, which is that it’s oftentimes not accepted as an upload format. This will prevent you from sharing the clip on social media, for example. Thankfully, you can easily solve this problem by using our free WebP to GIF converter! This conversion system will turn your WebP-based animated clip into an animated GIF in a matter of seconds. Just upload your WebP animation and download the same clip in GIF form. Then you can upload it wherever you like! This service is offered without cost and has no timers, quantity limits, software downloads, or email signups.